Finding that your garage door isn’t opening can be intimidating, especially when you’re rushing late to work. Garage door openers are fantastic when they work. But it may be aggravating when they break down. Consider replacing the remote's batteries, but if it doesn't address the problem, it's time to look into other possible causes that might disrupt the door's opening. Also, you may seek assistance from the garage door company in Sacramento to repair the door since they are knowledgeable and may fix the issue instantly without letting you wait for long. However, here are a few plausible reasons why your garage door isn’t opening.

Check that opener is turned on

While it may seem obvious, one of the most common causes of garage door opener failure is a disconnected power cable from the electrical socket. 

Examine the circuit breaker that powers the opener

Even a minor electrical surge might cause a breaker to trip. Check the breaker panel in your home to verify whether the breaker that powers your garage is no longer in the "on" position. If this is the case, toggle the breaker switch to "off" and then "on" to reset the breaker before attempting to use the garage door opener again. If the problem persists, call the professionals for garage door opener repair in Sacramento.

Is the door locked from the inside?

Some garage doors include manual locks with a garage door latch, preventing the garage door's opening when the lock is engaged. The garage door will not open if it is locked from the inside. While you've probably checked this already, we occasionally neglect the most obvious things, so it's worth mentioning and reviewing before moving on. 

Inspect the trolley to determine whether it has been unplugged

If the garage door stop working, ascertain that it's attached to the trolley.  All garage door openers include a pull chain or switch that disengages the trolley anytime you want to open the door manually. Considering that, double-check to ensure the cord was not accidentally yanked and the trolley detached. If it was, reattach the trolley as per the directions in your owner's manual, and you'll be good to go.

The motor may have failed if the garage door is over 15 years

You can expect a lifespan of 10-15 years from your garage door opener, depending on how well you upkeep it and how often you open and close the door. You may extend the garage door opener's longevity by lubricating its moving components, reducing resistance while enabling the opener to work less hard to open the door. Call the professionals for garage door repair in Sacramento CA, to examine the pulleys, springs, cables, and tracks while facilitating the garage door's smooth closing and opening. However, if your garage door is more than ten years old and isn't opening, perhaps it's time to replace it. 

Remove any debris or dirt from the photo eye

The photo eye is a small sensor that detects objects in the garage door's path. If the photo eye is dirty, it may prevent the door from moving in either direction. Wipe the photo eye with a soft towel before attempting to unlock the door again. 

Check the track’s alignment

The garage door track may be the culprit if your garage door opens somewhat and then stops. If the roller on the garage door isn't aligned at one of the side tracks, the opener won't lift the door properly. It might happen if a large object hits the track and bends outward, causing the door rollers to fall out. You may still be able to unplug the opener and lift the door by hand while repositioning the rollers in the tracks. When the door is fully open, softly tap the track's bent side back into the alignment using a mallet. The door should then descend readily, and you may reconnect the opener.